Technical and Other Considerations

Visit Website I really need to figure out the stuff for K’razz’ species … Every time I think of him, all I can see is a Giger alien. Now while I consider most of Giger’s work to be extremely cute and cuddly, I might be in a minority there somewhere 😛 I need to figure out how he’d have evolved, and work in some extra physical characteristics.

chloroquine tablet buy pop over to this web-site Addendum to above: Every cute and cuddly alien I keep coming up with looks suspiciously like a Giger-esque alien in my head. This might say many things about me, but it’s pretty sure if I could draw anything, those things would all look Giger-esque. Note to self: Figure out if you dare ask Giger if you can get a discount on the use of the Death Train for the front cover if you have a teddy bear impaled on one spike.

If you can’t get over the fascination with the drool material of Giger, at least try to moderate the appearances of the damned teddy bear!

recherche site de rencontre musulman Note to self about Giger: MGM did not do proper justice with that awful CGI of Sil. And I would have looked much better in the suit!

Giger artwork is totally normal and friendly and full of cute and cuddly things that are perfetly normal and happy and well adjusted. It’s the people who can’t see that who have problems!

I have no idea about K’tarr, he’s very much a bit player right now. The same with Markoth and Dartal. They’re there, they’re hyper-intelligent AI’s, and they’re not doing much. Then again, the story isn’t about them 😛

Since the Legions are owned by the K’Arians, K’arian provided translation devices can translate their language. They’re also pretty intuitive at new languages. But they do not work on changing things like cadence etc, and they have a habit of working just as badly at translating something as babel.altavista does. The words are only half the story, how the sentence is constructed is where the fun lies. Think Yoda’s way of mixing words around.

Starpuppies do not appreciate being asked if you can burp them. Likewise, they tend to react somewhat negatively to people noticing if they’re not yet house-trained. The parable about naming conventions for 400 pound gorillas with machine guns springs instantly to mind.

Starwolves will kill anyone who points a gun at them. Anyone so incredibly stupid as to point a gun at a mythical bunch of mysterious warriors that run around space sending entire civilizations into the deepest depths of the darkest pits of the nine hells deserves to be removed from the gene pool at their earliest (i.e. immediate) convienience.

websites Marketing ploy note: Write an expansion novel entitled “Care and feeding of your new Starwolf”. Instant tie in!

imp source Marketing ploy note addendum curtesey of Kiri: Even think about it and you might as well point a gun at a Starwolf.