Writing Notes Invariably when writing, I produce almost as many words in notes covering the story as I do in the story itself. These can range from ideas about how and why things work, that make up the section on the Legion Universe itself, to spin-off story line ideas that come up during writing.

chico busca chico en malaga Almost as invariably, these notes are prime examples of the warped sense of humour I have, and so they will gradually be added to the site so others can enjoy them. This might take some time, there’s a large volume of them that aren’t even on computer.

Musings on Matters Spatial

click site One of the principles I try to maintain when writing science fiction is to maintain some level of believability. In my case, that’s through trying to keep the action within certain laws of physics, at least until someone comes along and proves those laws are really more like tentative suggestions. I have extensive notes covering some of the physics, both real and imagined, that apply to the universe the stories are set in, both to help me stay consistent and so I can have characters interacting with their environment comfortably. Be warned: My notes files tend to be a little … informal.

Technical and Other Considerations

rencontre femme chateauroux In the same vein as writing notes regarding consistency with the technology and environment, I have a habit of jotting down conversations I have with myself about the story so far.