Project Type: Vignette

Awakening To Eternity (2008)

flccc website Beibei It’s actually a myth that the Inuit have so many words for snow. I’m much more interested in how many they have for cold, right now. I mean, there are different degrees of cold – there’s chilly, there’s a cold wind, there’s refrigerator cold. There’s that cold that freezes you… Continue Reading Awakening To Eternity (2008)

A Promise Sealed With A Kiss (2008)

bet 888 slots I wear a great many hats – author and artist. Sometimes, one will inspire the other.  Such was the case with the Promise Series, a number of vignettes launched by one simple render of a vampire’s kiss. In time, it grew beyond Vignettes into a novel all to itself, but… Continue Reading A Promise Sealed With A Kiss (2008)