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Today’s Weekly Weird Video: Toilet Humor

2a. Câmera Escondida Star Wars

Assistam a mais nova Câmera Escondida do Programa Silvio Santos#SBTCâmeraescondida #StarWars

Posted by O Poder da Força on Sunday, January 17, 2016



It’s been a year since I wrote anything here?? Going to have to fix that.

First though, comes fixing the site itself.

It’s the internet, like novels, it’s never really done, right?

Work in progress!


Honor Flight – Honoring Heroes 2014

The National World War II Memorial will stand for many years to come, a reminder to everyone that Americans from all 50 states and territories fought, and died, in defense not only of their country, but of the world. It’s controversial to mention this in Europe, but if people are honest, without the United States Europe would have been under the thumb of the brutal Third Reich.

Without men and women like those Honor Flight has brought to DC. Continue Reading Honor Flight – Honoring Heroes 2014


Antares scrub implies something about NASA culture

Updated October 28th 2014 1857 By now, everyone’s probably heard what happened off NASA’s Wallops Island Virginia facility yesterday evening, but for those who haven’t caught the news yet a quick rundown. NASA was due to launch the latest Cygnus resupply mission to the International Space Station on board the Antares 130… Continue Reading Antares scrub implies something about NASA culture


Honor Flight Debrief September 6th 2014

July and August were too hot and humid to go to Honor Flight at the World War II Memorial – as evidenced by the reduced number of hubs that would arrive there. Today marked my resuming Honor Flight escorts, and as you’d expect by now, it was one heck of… Continue Reading Honor Flight Debrief September 6th 2014

#AmWriting – A Truly Shakespearean Occupation

I was going through my orphan writing files this morning, hunting for a snippet I know is in there somewhere that I can use for my #MadWritersUnite work in progress.  Instead, I stumbled across this, which formed the basis for one of my lost posts, so I’m taking shameful advantage of my foresight… Continue Reading #AmWriting – A Truly Shakespearean Occupation

Hi everyone,

After repeated “technical difficulties”, I decided to move all my sites from our hosts of 15 years, Verio, to GoDaddy.  At this stage it was becoming impossible to justify staying with Verio after server downtimes, lost domain registrations, lacklustre technical support, and getting the impression that if we weren’t the size of Twitter, they (Verio) weren’t interested.

My hat’s off to GoDaddy so far, they’ve come through with the customer support needed to smooth this migration out as far as their side is concerned.  We’ll have to see what the future will bring.

As you can see from the site, there’s a huge chunk of posts and images from 2012 to 2014 missing. Unfortunately, that data was lost in the downtimes.  I’m trying to recreate it as best I can, but some of it is likely gone for good.

Thankfully, I still have all the artwork and story snippets from that period archived locally, so in the coming weeks I’ll be restoring much of what I can.

Until then however, almost all images from before today are unlinked until I finish uploading what I can to this new server.

So I’ve taken this opportunity to gut and redesign my site, which hopefully you’ll all enjoy!  My apologies for the unavoidable pause in our regularly scheduled insanity 🙂


Honor Flight Debrief: May 3rd 2014

It has been a rollercoaster week, starting ominously with a visit to the Emergency Room, then staying at home during the torrential rains midweek, but all culminating with one of the best days of Honor Flight escorts I’ve had to date. The schedule was full, flights were due in from… Continue Reading Honor Flight Debrief: May 3rd 2014