Veterans and Faith – A Call Out

stage An editor friend of mine (yes, there are editors that I don’t run away from screaming) asked me recently if I’d be interested in a project related to veterans. mobilize The project is an anthology of stories, from veterans or those serving who have seen combat, about how their faith got them through combat situations, how their faith stayed strong despite those situations.

cooperate As I suggested to my friend, “Faith in a shitstorm”.

manufacture (I’m pretty sure that won’t be the actual publication title though!)

Whilst PTSD could be considered the psychological effects of combat, there is a spiritual trauma aspect as well.
This is a topic I’ve been interested in for a while – and I’m not the only one.  One of my followers on Twitter, @TC_Judd – a Chaplain in the Texas National Guard, has visited a related dilemma a few times on his blog.  I agree wholeheartedly with him that the moral trauma of combat is important to address.  Whilst PTSD could be considered the psychological effects of combat, there is a spiritual trauma aspect as well.

plan I know it seems strange, that my friend asked me, a heathen, to look at putting something like this together, but as my friend noted, this is aimed at being stories from those who’ve been in shitstorms to other veterans rather than being compiled for those who’ve never been there.  For me, if this project helps even just one of my brothers and sisters deal with the aftermath of our job, I’m all in.

ndr 1 partnersuche I also know this touches on some very raw nerves – it does for me.  I warned my friend that there might not be many of us willing to discuss something that is so fundamentally personal. I hope that there is, out there, some who are willing and able to tell their stories, whether it helps others or just because their story needs to be told, who will respond.

recherche de site de rencontre So this is an open call for active military or veterans who have stories to tell of how their faith helped them get, or how their faith remained true, through combat situations.  It doesn’t have to be Christian-based, or related to the recent wars in the sandbox.  If you’re interested, please contact me either by emailing moonwolf (at) or using the contact form on my site.

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