Sarah Palin and Rolling Thunder

correct The news for the past few days has been full of articles, and a myriad of comments, regarding Sarah Palin attending Rolling Thunder and the start of her east-coast bus tour.

buy topamax online translate This has gotten beyond a feeding frenzy.  That conspiracy theories would raise their heads wasn’t exactly unexpected, given Palin’s involvement, but it’s beyond ridiculous now.

viagra online canada So here’s the take of one Veteran and regular participant at Rolling Thunder since 2003.

careprost usa free shipping еnable abilify generic cost build So What?

wesley stromberg dating carly Let’s look at this rationally (if the people who are likely to read this from either side can ever be considered “rational” on such topics).

check this site out A disclaimer before I start however: Anything here is my own personal viewpoint, and does not reflect the opinions, policies, viewpoints, or anything else of Rolling Thunder, National or Chapters, or any of the participants of Rolling Thunder, or Veterans, or … well, anyone really.  These are solely my thoughts, and any errors or omissions are mine.

site rencontre wikiss Rolling Thunder describes two distinct things.

  • There is Rolling Thunder, the non-profit 501(c) corporation organized along the lines of a National Executive and local chapters by states and regions
  • There is the Rolling Thunder annual rally in DC

reportage site de rencontre m6 This latter is an event, which even though its history ties it to Rolling Thunder the organization is not exclusive to members of the Rolling Thunder organization (or even to Veterans for that matter) to participate in.

sites de rencontres seniors france Sarah Palin was invited to participate in Rolling Thunder by an old member of the National Executive Board.  She wasn’t invited to speak, she wasn’t being endorsed by the organization, she was simply invited to participate. This doesn’t mean anything because everyone who cares about the issues surrounding Veteran’s affairs, and Missing In Action/Prisoner of War (MIA/POW) issues is also invited to participate, in order to help highlight those things right in the heart of our Nation’s Capitol.

dating a person with cerebral palsy Now I’ll agree that the conjunction of her participation in the Run and her kicking off her east-coast bus tour isn’t exactly what you’d call subtle timing.  But the insinuation of being somehow “endorsed” by Rolling Thunder is just that – an insinuation.

ligar gratis en badajoz What do you expect, she’s a politician, she sees everything in the grey world of that professional parasite elite class.  She took advantage of timing to give one impression, but that’s what politicians do, they can’t help themselves.  The story of the scorpion and the frog springs to mind

binäre optionen call und put gleichzeitig That however is her problem, not Rolling Thunder’s.

which radioactive isotope is used in carbon dating Sarah Palin is as welcome as anyone else who cares about the issues the Run highlights to participate, and she essentially accepted that open invitation as well as the specific one made by an ex-Board member.

She’s also the mother of a serving soldier, which gives her an added reason to participate.  You might not like her, you might not like her politics, but she deserves as that if nothing else ((I don’t know if Sarah Palin is actually a member of Blue Star Mothers of America)) (at least for this reason, it doesn’t mean you have to respect her in anything else).

The point is this: She’s not an official event.  She’s not scheduled to give any speeches, it’s not an “appearance”, and Rolling Thunder doesn’t “endorse” her any more than they endorse me – or you.

So what’s the big deal?  Yes, she’ll make it a political event on her sidelines, and she’ll likely spin it to say all sorts of things that it doesn’t actually say or mean in the future, but really – that’s her problem, not ours.  At the end of the day she’s there as a private citizen, and the mother of a serving soldier.

I’ll be honest here, what pisses me off about all of this is the report she showed up at 11:30, 30 minutes before the roll out, and went to the front of the line like it was somehow her due – to me that’s totally thumbing her nose in a display of arrogant entitlement at those who had patiently waited there since 7am (and longer) and would wait until 3, 4 pm before they would be in motion.

If she’s riding like everyone else, then she can behave like everyone else.  She needed to make her mind up just what she was riding as.

Rolling Thunder is about one thing, and it’s not Sarah Palin.  It’s about people like SGT Ahmed Qusai al-TaayiePFC Bowe R. Bergdahl, and the host of names still yet to come home from previous conflicts, Vietnam being the one most people think of; about ensuring no-one is left behind or forgotten in the future.

That’s the mission.  If someone wants to add their voice to the hundreds of thousands of others raised while the rest of you are off enjoying your Memorial Day BBQ, then I don’t care who they are.  I very much doubt anyone else who’s in attendance will care that much either if it’s for a shared cause.

Neither should you.  You should instead care about why those voices have to be raised to begin with.

The real question is: Why aren’t you here?  Why does it take another Sarah Palin news article before you even pay attention to the existence of Rolling Thunder, the Run for The Wall, the reasons behind them?

I mean, really – even Sarah Palin managed to make it one year …

Think it over while you enjoy your holiday weekend.

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