Miika’s Site

This site is a consolidation of all the various sites I’ve made, run, or thought of running since I started online (Somewhere around 1993!).

It’s the home of my blog, which can sometimes be serious, sometimes be funny, sometimes be irreverent, and almost always is strongly opinionated.

The topics can range from disability rights and advocacy, to veteran’s issues; Information about Patriot Guard Rider or Honor Flight Escort missions and events, to American Indian subjects and information about various NDN events we go to – But it’s at just as much risk of having a low signal-to-noise ratio as any other blog site online too.  It’s the home for information regarding the universe of my novels, and for other writing projects.

It’s home to my 3D rendered artwork, as well as the various picture packs I create using 3D graphics software that can be bought from the site and used in your own projects.

I’ve also put all my freebie offerings into the portfolio – hopefully this will make everything easier for people to find.